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Hamilton Law

Hamilton Law LLC is a law office focusing in the areas of Appeals, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Immigration Law and Loan Modifications.



Immigration Law
Hamilton Law is proud to help clients resolve their immigration issues. Immigration laws can be complex, and often a client’s options depend on a variety of factors.  Whether you need advice about consular processing, adjusting your status, representation in immigration court, obtaining a nonimmigrant visa, or want to learn whether you qualify for DACA, we are here to help.

Hamilton Law proudly represents consumer debtors in bankruptcy. We take pride in making a stressful situation easier for our clients. And, we strive to make the bankruptcy process easy and understandable for our clients.

Personal Injury


Personal injury lawsuits provide a vital role in society: They hold wrongdoers accountable for the harm they cause and make it less likely that they will cause that harm again. Hamilton Law represents people who have been injured in a variety of situations ranging from auto accidents to injuries caused by defective products and medical devices.

Criminal Defense


Unfortunately for those of us living here, Las Vegas is known as a party town. Because of this, the local law enforcement are on constant vigil for drunk drivers to reduce the number of traffic accidents and deaths. The problem is that often the zeal of police officers results in innocent people being arrested for DUI. Each DUI is a unique case that a qualified DUI Defense Attorney can help you navigate.


Our Core Values

(1) We believe that the practice of law is a noble profession, and that representing others in legal proceedings is a solemn responsibility.  In accordance with these beliefs, we are committed to the highest ethical standards.

(2) Every client has unique interests and needs that must be reflected in the advice we give and work we perform.

(3) Our clients are entitled to the highest quality work product.  There is no substitute for attention to detail, innovative legal thinking, candid advice, clear and persuasive writing, and zealous advocacy in court.

(4) We will hire only professionals who are passionate about getting clients the best possible outcome.

(5) We will always err on the side of having too much communication with clients. We pledge to be prompt, honest, and candid in communicating with our clients.

(6) We value continuous improvement.  We value client feedback, even and especially if it is negative.  We value learning from mistakes.

(7) We consider and treat co-workers and employees as family and friends.  We know that this not only produces a better working environment, but also produces better service for clients.

(8) We seek to exceed client expectations.  We want clients who will recommend us to others without hesitation.  And, we want clients to return to us in the future should they need additional legal services.

(9) We have an obligation to help those in need.  We will serve the public by providing free legal services in appropriate cases, and also will work to speak for the voiceless in our community.

(10) The client is always our number one concern.  Everything we do should be with the ultimate goal to improve our clients' lives.



Our Attorneys

Ryan A. Hamilton

Tel: 702-818-1818

Sarah I. Perez

Tel: 702-818-1818



Hamilton Law


5125 S Durango Dr., Ste C.

Las Vegas, NV 89113

Tel:  702-818-1818


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